Lucile Moore and Kathy Smith, editors




Introduction 1


Rabbits are Angels

Barbara Pollack 5


Resistance is Futile…Doubt Me at Your Own Peril

Pandora Smith 6


A Rabbit for All Seasons

Lisa Ivers 9


An Unexpected Visitor

Kim Meyer 14


The Jet-setter and the Rabbit

Maria Leonor Perez 16


Country Living

Lucile Moore 21


Bunny Man

Joe O. Marcom 26


Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

Mary Kay Ferguson 31


Veyton Place, Episode 1; Or, Size Doesn’t Matter

Evonne Vey 39


Tribute to George

Gary McConville 51


Rabbit in the Moon

HRH King Murray with Lucile Moore 55


The Spark

Cindy Scheel 58


Cissy Wants a Mailbox

Dori Lamer Neu 64


The Telltale Eyes

Kathy Smith 67


Room for One More

George Smith 71


LuLu Belle, Fearless Flemish Giant

Nancy Furstinger 78


Pompedieu Beabeaux and Miss Pickles: A Love Story

Anne L. Murdock 82


Mischief and Magic

Mithril Smith 88


Becoming a Rabbit Mom

Jane (and Steve) Muncy 91


The Legacy of FBR Bunnyman

Lucile Moore 100


Selected Short Tails

Cindy Scheel 113


Finding Buddha

Jodi D. McLaughlin 122


Rodeo Rabbit

Apollo Smith 136


Cisco: Nurse Bunny

Stephen Guida 139


Veyton Place, Episode 2; Or, Piccolo’s Search for Love

Evonne Vey 146


Rabbit, Unstoppable

Lisa Ivers 164


Three Hares and a Gentleman Poet

Lucile Moore  171


Untying the Knots

Kathi Jencso 178


Disney the Dog Tamer

Kim Meyer  196


Tails from Tuckertown

Carolyn Grimaldi 198


Real Men DO Have Rabbits

Joseph J. Nobile 209


Healing Paws

Meg Brown 214


J. Wooly

Greg Wait 219


Bunny and Buttercup

Jenni Beard 221


The Bunny Thief

Lucile Moore 227


It All Started with Bunnibun

April Jones 232


Don’t Fence Me In

Cuda Riddle 237


Heaven Sent

Tina Gullickson 241


The Great Rabbit Spirit

HRH King Murray 245


Acknowledgements/Contributors 253



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