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When you hear the word "rabbit," do you think of intelligent creatures who are entertaining, resourceful, nurturing, compassionate, courageous, and often spiritual? If your answer is "no," you have not yet read TOUCHED BY A RABBIT: A Treasury of Stories about Rabbits and their People. Rabbit advocates Lucile Moore and Kathy Smith, both known for their books on rabbit health and care, have once again joined forces to compile this eclectic array of animal stories from fellow rabbit enthusiasts.


Each contributor's tale - whether funny, tragic, or deeply thought-provoking - provides insight into the deep emotional bond that can form between pet rabbits and their human caretakers. Each piece also provides a unique glimpse into the joys and challenges that face those who completely surrender their hearts to these enchanting but often misunderstood prey animals. The variety of stories will amuse, amaze, and bring tears to the reader's eyes - often all at the same time.


This collection contains a variety of writing styles ranging from tales carefully crafted by professional writers to the more casual and extemporaneous style used in online storytelling to stories "dictated" by the rabbits themselves. In the first group readers will find the story of an 18th century poet who shared his home with hares and stories of the editors' personal experiences with rabbits, both wild and domestic. The second group includes imaginative views of inter-bunny relationships presented as an ongoing soap opera and a short clip from a Star Wars movie. The six stories in the third group include an overview of rabbit myth from around the world and five stories that express the unique style of each rabbit-author as well as personalities that are resilient, mischievous, optimistic, resourceful, and profoundly wise. All three groups of stories include deeply personal stories of joy, love, sacrifice, loss, and life-changing human experiences inspired by their rabbit companions.


The editors and contributors hope that this book will reach non-bunny people, helping readers see rabbits in a new light - not as "disposable" pets but as wise and gentle beings who come into our lives to teach and to learn, to love unconditionally and be loved. We invite you into the world of  joyful innocence that is the essence of the Great Rabbit Spirit.



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